Winner, Winner, Our Miss Ginger!!!

...even the young Miss Virginia knew what her number was!

Well, thanks again to all you Gingerologists out there who voted our lovely lady to the top of the hill in the 'Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tournament'!
...however, due to the 'fallout' regarding the vote totals, I have posted this comment on the Mythical Monkey blog...hopefully you will understand my feelings, and tend to agree that this would be the best policy moving forward:


O.K. - well, hey, the 'MoviesUnlimited' poll is still cooking, and Ginger is moving on up!!! I'm not sure how long the poll is open, or of it EVER closes... so, Ginger might be right up there where she belongs before it's all over with!
AND, back to the 'day-to-day' affairs of G-ology... the Twenty Million Sweethearts review is getting just a bit closer...dang, it seems like awhile since I've put a review out!  Along with that, I am 'on the verge' (careful, Hu) of adding a LOT of useful features here... no details yet, in the event that nothing transpires (hey, when does THAT ever happen,eh? :-]  ) - so, be on the lookout for new stuff in the near future...

Until that glorious time...