...happy birthday...

...to Huey! Your mild-mannered overseer of all things Ginger will have logged 44 years of existence on this orb, well actually today, as my birthday is June 30. It's so awesome that Ginger and I are the same 'sign' (Cancer) - even tho I do not get into that stuff (nor did she, most likely), it's a 'chronological link' we have (hey, I'll take ANYTHING, y'all...)
As I begin my 45th round, I figured now is a good time to 'officially' announce my present...

...I will be in Independence, Missouri on July 16, 2011!

This should be a pretty interesting trip...I have mentioned here in the past that my wife has a couple of cousins that live in Kansas City, so we are going to stay with them... hope to also catch a Royals game (BTW, they have a home series with the White Sox beginning on the 18th, OGRE!) , and of course check out all the eateries and other stuff...
As for 'THE' visit to 'where it all began', I guess I'm wondering exactly WHAT will take place...I'm pretty sure someone bought the house, but not sure if it is being rented or the owner lives there...and how to approach the current resident? Will there be other Gingerologists there? I mean, I REALLY want to walk inside the place, y'know? Even if is totally 'modernized', the overall 'feel' of the place should harken back to 1911... but, at the very least, just to drive to it and get a few pictures would be nice.
I 'GoogleMapped' Ginger's grandparent's house on 3306 Bellefountain Avenue in KC, and it honestly pulled up what looked to be a vacant lot! Is that house gone? I will most likely go by there anyway, just to see the street she 'grew up' on...
OK, well, any suggestions from y'all will be MOST appreciated... I want to 'get' as much info and details there as possible - I've thought of stuff like, being able to go up into the attic and looking around for stuff...wouldn't it be insane if there was some stuff linked to Ginger and Lela there?  I will definitely get some pics, anyway...and, if the owner is OK, maybe grab some dirt, a plant or something, to plant in my yard...I know, sounds pretty goofy...but...it would just be pretty cool, y'all... BTW, did y'all know I was a Ginger Rogers fan??? :-]

OK - well, next on the review list is...42nd Street... it's definitely the best film Ginger has been in up to now (review-time)... but, she is quite sparsely used in it...but a bit more than I remember... so, look for that by the weekend (I am scrambling to get 'caught-up' at work, and ready for another 3-day weekend - COOL!!!) ...and speaking of cool, HOW cool is the pic below? Y'all probably have seen it, but...it's geting tougher to find ones y'all HAVEN'T seen... the mark of a great Gingerologist!

With that, I shall bid y'all farewell until we meet again...


Some of my fave GingerPics...

Well, dang - ANY GingerPic is awesome, right? But these are some that I REALLY love, to the point of wanting to find the 'original' or at least a 'professional copy' of, and 'blow up' to poster size for display purposes... note that most of these are 'solo Ginger', and are 'body shots', not 'face shots', as the intent here is to discuss pics that would make great POSTERS... so, while there are reams of GingerPics that would be 'poster-worthy', these have just a bit 'extra'...

This one is just cool to me...SO cool, in fact, that I actually HAVE a 'blown up' poster size of this one, hanging nearby as we speak (the only GingerPic I currently have on display - hoping to add to that ASAP...). It's neat how you can draw your own conclusions as to what is taking place here...is she forlorn simply because her brushes have spilled out, or is there something more 'big picture' afoot? Someone has made a 'colorized' version of this one, which looks good, but the B/W is just superior here, since a 'color palette' ultimately distracts a bit from the overall scene... plus, Ginger's hair is so hot here, how it cascades over the back of her bare shoulder...yow! AND, my daughter digs her shoes here...so there ya go.

...this one is from 'Roberta', I believe...although it is NOT the 'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes' dress, which has a little silver brooch thingie at the... er...well, 'cleavage area'... but WHEREVER this one sources, it's smoking, no doubt! Ginger's pose here is just killer...it says so many different things simultaneously, ya know? The roses also contribute to this one's uniqueness...wonder if these are 'Ginger Rogers' roses? Probably not...not nearly large enough, and...well, they hadn't been 'invented' yet...

Of course, little explanation is needed as to the Ginger aspect of this one (dang, those LEGS!! :-p ), but the overall picture is really cool! It seems like I remember reading about how they made all the images going on here...it's a big prop fan, of course, with firecrackers going off around it, and 'prolonged exposure' (of the film, not of Ginger) created the streaks around her... talk about a POSTER op!!! This puppy would ROCK, y'all!!! Although, Ginger notes she was not too big on having to do the 'cheesecake' type pics...she was such a good girl, y'all!

I have seen this one a time or two, but just 'lifted' it from a fellow blogger, Vivian over at viviantalksgingerrogers.blogspot (which, BTW, has a GREAT bio of Ginger, with loads of cool pics). The more I looked at it, the more intriguing it became... of course, we all know Ginger was pretty well versed in critter control, but to sashay down the street (well, most likely a studio backlot) with a lion, or tiger (not exteremely sure which, but it's not your suburban feline, for sure) on a leash is quite brassy...and dang it, she looks to be in CHARGE of this varmint!  No tentativeness whatsoever...and of course, she is cute as all get-out, too... yeah, this one would work as a wall hanging, for sure!

This one was Huey's background screen for quite awhile...it captures the tenacity of Ginger quite convincingly... pity the poor soul she is fixing to wax on the court. Of all the things I wish I could jump back to the late 30's and do, playing tennis with Ginger would be HIGH on the list (dancing would be #1, but of course, I would have to learn how TO dance...and be at least equal to Astaire, right? ...as I said, it's a wish...) not that I am a very good tennis player, either, but I would have fun as she whupped up on me... This pic also has a good shot of her Gilcrest abode in the background, which adds to the awesomeness...

I believe Ms. O.G.R.E. informed me that this one was up for auction on eBay a good while back, and I jumped over there and threw a few $$$ at it, to no avail, alas... Ginger and Lela have a lot of great photos together, but this one is the apex for Gingerologists, as it tells SO much about Ginger in a VERY effective manner... First, of course is that her best friend is her mom; Second, she loves ice cream; Third, she is an Academy Award winner; fourth, she is INCREDIBLE!!! This one MAY have been 'staged' a bit, but probably not... I'm certain they went to get ice cream after the ceremony...that's how Ginger rolled, right? :-]  If there was EVER a pic I would like to have on display, this one would be it...period. Whoever bought this one - feel free to contact me for any reasonable offer...

This one has always been a fave of mine, because it simply shows Ginger's sweet, charming and elegant side in such a beautiful way... not sure which movie this one is from - Top Hat, perhaps? - but it would be a great wall poster as well... she could wear some clothes, y'all...

Well, hope everyone dug that, and it 'prodded' you into digging into YOUR Ginger stash of pics...or, heck, whoever ELSE you may be stashing pictures of... and re-visiting them with new vigor!
OK, on to 42nd Street... should have that up and running mid-week... I have 'solved' the 'post editor' dilemma - ya gotta open the blog with FireFox... the editor does have some cool features, the best of which (and one of the 'ulterior motives' for this post) is that you can add multiple pics at once without going back and forth...
SO, we shall see how the review format will work - I will try to 'format' the sections of the review like I was doing before... stay tuned.

Until then, tho...

KIG, Y'all!!!

Ginger Rogers Film Review #11 - You Said a Mouthful

(December 8, 1932 - First National/Vitaphone)

Run Time (approximate): 70 minutes

Directed by: Lloyd Bacon.

Produced by: Raymond Griffith (uncredited).

Scenarists: Robert Lord & Bolton Mallory.

Based on a story by: William B. Dover.

Also Starring: Joe E. Brown (as Joe Holt), Preston Foster (as Ed Dover), Allen 'Farina' Hoskins (as Sam Wellington), Harry Gribbon (as Harry Daniels), Edwin Maxwell (as Dr. Vorse), Sheila Terry (as Cora Norton), Walter Walker (as Tom Brandon), Oscar Apfel (as Armstrong (uncredited)), Don Brodie (as Judge's Assistant (uncredited)), William Burress (as Roger Colby (uncredited)), A.S. 'Pop' Byron (as Elliot (uncredited)), Eddy Chandler (as Harbor Steward (uncredited)), James Eagles (as Messenger (uncredited)), Bess Flowers (as Race Fan on Boat (uncredited)), Frank Hagney (as Holt's Manager (uncredited)), Selmer Jackson (as Jones-Attorney (uncredited)), Anthony Lord (as Bookkeeper (uncredited)), Wilfred Lucas (as Official (uncredited)), Mia Marvin (as Armstrong's Secretary (uncredited)), Bert Moorhouse (as Office Manager (uncredited)), Harry Seymour (as Announcer (uncredited)), Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams (as the 'real' Joe Holt (uncredited)).

Ginger's Character: Alice Brandon.

Ginger 'Screen Time': Approximately 17 minutes and 30 seconds (24.7% of the film)

GingerTunes: None

Gingery Goodness Factor (GGF) (1-10): 7.5 - Although a pretty 'straight' role of 'love interest', Ginger starts to really bring out more and more of the 'Classic Ginger' we all love... not extremely 'sassy', but a good bit 'perky'.

Film Quality (1-10): 8.0 - No real issues with clarity or sound...just the typical dust and flecks that a 70-ish year old movie is prone to have.

Available From: TCM

Huey's Review for GINGEROLOGY: Ginger's second film with Joe E. Brown finds her again as JB's love interest, and she is every bit as awesome in that capacity as she was in "The Tenderfoot", although... not QUITE as 'sassy', but as much or more sweet.
Joe E. Brown plays Joe Holt, a dude who starts out in a 'rubber and swimsuit' manufacturing company (well, allrighty then). He has invented a 'unsinkable' swimsuit; trouble is, the bosses in the top office dismiss him as a buffoon. When he is 'pranked' by other jerky co-workers into thinking a fake request from the top brass to 'come discuss your invention with us' is real, his 'meeting' with them ends with more humiliation and the staff going off on him (if that stuff happened nowadays, chances are the dude would have come back with a firearm and sprayed the place...just sayin'...).
Well, Joe soon finds out that his old long-lost aunt has 'passed on', and for some reason left her fortune to him. So, he does the ol' "Take this job and..." to the boss, and heads out for wherever Aunt Moneybags lived, a train trip away. When he arrives, he meets with the executor of her will, and, well, with this being the Depression and all, turns out that the ol' girl's portfolio has more holes in it than a Beyonce dress...thus Joe is now stuck without a job, no money to speak of, and, oh yeah, Auntie also requested that Joe be the 'guardian' for a young fellow named Sam (Allen 'Farina' Hoskins of 'Our Gang' fame).
So, Joe has to scope out a job to survive, not to mention supporting Sam...he soon finds an opportunity in the want ads for 'dock hands' down on the shore. When Joe and Sam show up for the 'interview', Joe gets cold feet, as he is pretty dang scared of water in general... but before they can bolt, they hear someone calling out for a 'Joe Holt'...so they check it out. Ends up that the summoner is none other than Ginger, who plays Alice Brandon, the daughter of a fat Catalina Island cat.
Well, Alice is looking for Joe Holt the champion swimmer; our Joe Holt is not a swimmer, not a champion,but...not a fool, either, as Alice 'has him at hello'. So, our Joe the Schmoe morphs into Joe the big-time swimmer (of course, the REAL Joe Holt swimming dude is detained and really never shows up).
When they jump off the boat and onto Catalina Island, the crowd gathers as Alice has informed everyone that dude is on the way, and of course by then Joe and Sam are in it up to their eyeballs, as his reason for being there (swimmer Joe, not sinker Joe) is to compete in a wild swim meet around the island.
Like most Ginger characters, Alice has a 'current dude' hanging onto her, who is Ed Dover (Preston Foster); Ed is a jerky goofball as well, and happens to be a honkin' swimmer who will obviously be Joe's main competition in the big race. Alice is 'so over' Ed, and wants Joe to wax the dude in the race... Joe of course agrees, as soon as he learns how TO swim.
After a few 'fake injuries' by Joe (hey, dude TRIED to save face...and had GingerNurse, which is just insane, y'all...) - he ends up squarely in the race. Sam coaches him up to at least keep him from drowning...for the most part.
Well, I'll leave the finale for ya, but, it isn't too much of a 'twist', obviously.
Overall, a neat little movie, a good bit better than what I remember from my initial viewing of it...again, my first view of a GingerFilm is almost EXCLUSIVELY focusing in on GINGER, and not much else... so subsequent viewings result in the actual 'movie plot' comprehension for Huey.

Favorite Ginger Moments:

...Miss Brandon makes her first appearance, searching for some guy named Joe...

...I guess I'll take the job, then...

...so, THIS is the Joe Swimmer I've been hearing about? ...pop's name in real life is Walter Walker...hmmm, wonder if there's any relation to Huey...that would be pretty cool to have a relative who worked with Ginger...

Alice radiating at the dinner table...ya know, I'd probably starve...who worries about eating with Ginger around?

...this Ed dude is starting to get on Alice's LAST nerve, y'all...

...now see, THAT'S why I need to take up swimming! And ginger was right...the back of her head Is a pretty dang cute side!

...all kidding aside, this is just an awesome 'cap', IMHO, y'all... hmmm...wonder where that hat is now?

...owch! I've...er...got lumbago or something! Whatever the swimmers get that prevents them from swimming! I also plan on eating just before the race, hence I cannot compete...

GingerNurse... this brief sequence is awesome... her eyes are perfect here...the Joe E. Brown folks were great at getting awesome 'close-ups' of Ginger...

...a bit of 'sassiness' occurs, with eyebrows raising... so cool...

...yup yup yup... I'd be in full recovery mode by now...

..hey, y'all! Check it out! Joe is back in the 'goofy' mode he normally is in!!!

...whoops - I forgot... that lumbago of mine fades 'in and out'... or is that my diverticulitis?

back in business, facing Alice (awesome) and the swim meet (not as awesome...)

...Alice changes up Joe's swimsuit... a bit 'unusual', but part of the plot nevertheless...

...just how uber-cute is Ginger in this suit...she wasn't too fond of the outfits in this movie overall, but this one ROCKS, y'all... and how cool is that expression?

...practicing up on a little 'mouth-to-mouth'...you know, in case he drowns as a result of finding out his swimsuit isn't 'unsinkable'...

...the 'stuff' on Joe and Alice is grease...keeps the swimmers warm... but it kinda looks like Ginger just slaughtered a hawg here...weird image, huh?

Alice and Sam on the 'coaching boat'...trying to figure out what in blazes Joe is doing out there...

...all's well that ends well, as usual... this pic is Ginger at 'mid-dive'...it's a distance shot (unfortunately) - but Ginger's swimsuit looks to be quite...er... well, let's just say black and white sometimes blurs costumes such that...well, light colored outfits, maybe 'flesh-toned'...you see what I'm getting at here... hence the 'long-shot' of this scene...ok...

...hey, ya know what? Maybe we should hire a cabana boy or something...

Other Reviews:
"Ginger Rogers strikes just the right note in her supporting role, giving her ingenue the touch of sophistication and playful spoofing desirable." -New York Herald-Tribune
"Mr. Brown does quite well with this ludicrous role. Ginger Rogers is lively as Alice Brandon, the girl who is fully in sympathy with Joe." -New York Times
"And the heroine, Ginger Rogers, continues to be one of the most attractive young women on the screen." -World Telegram
"Ginger Rogers was made for a bathing suit." -Photoplay

From Ginger: My Story: "When (Joe E. Brown and I) made a second film together, You Said a Mouthful, he again expressed great interest and concern where I was involved. (Although I thought my clothes in that film were terrible, I was in no position to make a comment about them.) A star actor who was willing to coach his leading lady was very unusual. His great kindness to me is something I shall long remember. It didn't surprise me to learn that during World War II, he was the first actor to go to the front lines on a USO tour."

Miscellaneous Stuff: Not all that much in the way of 'goofs', and even 'interesting facts', save for...
- The film was shot 'on location' in Catalina.
- Allen 'Farina' Hoskins was a character in the 'Our Gang' series of movies; this film was one of his last roles - as an adult he became a counselor for troubled kids (a bit ironic for a child star, dontchathink?).

GingerFilm Ranking: #5

After 11 Reviews...

#01 - The Tenderfoot
#02 - The Tip-Off
#03 - Queen High
#04 - Young Man of Manhattan
#05 - You Said a Mouthful
#06 - Carnival Boat
#07 - The Thirteenth Guest
#08 - The Sap From Syracuse
#09 - Suicide Fleet
#10 - Follow The Leader
#11 - Honor Among Lovers
#12 - Hat Check Girl***

*** - Not viewed due to unavailability

Up Next: 42nd Street...will be interesting as to where this one ends up on the list...some awesome Ginger moments, at 'full-tilt' sassiness, but the 'face time' for her will not be as much...remember, the rankings are SOLELY in terms of 'Gingeryness' of a film.

KIG, Y'all!!!


A few things...

...bonking around in my noodle at the present time...

...well, guess it's time for the ol' "Cabana Boy" to shock the pool for the summer again, eh, Miss Rogers?

...first off, I plan to be getting back to the reviews in a day or two... but in the meantime, to recap the 'current rankings' of the "General Gingeryness" of the first ten of her career:

#1 - The Tenderfoot
#2 - The Tip-Off
#3 - Queen High
#4 - Young Man of Manhattan
#5 - Carnival Boat
#6 - The Thirteenth Guest
#7 - The Sap From Syracuse
#8 - Suicide Fleet
#9 - Follow the Leader
#10 - Honor Among Lovers

AAANNDDD, since we don't have it, "Hat Check Girl" must be regulated to the bottom spot for now, cause, it has to be noted SOMEWHERE, right?
Hopefully it will show up soon, as the reviews I've read sound pretty favorable...but until then,

#11 - Hat Check Girl

...sorry, Jessie... er, that's Ginger's character's name in HCG...

Next up is 'You Said a Mouthful', Ginger's second film with Joe E. Brown...from what I remember of my first viewing of it, it isn't as 'Gingery' as Tenderfoot, but then again, the reviews have good things to say about her role, so maybe a second view will be profitable.


...OK, as for the 'post editor' deal on 'blogger'...where the heck did the COLOR and FONT SIZE options go? This is REALLY going to limit my movie review 'format'... well, it's no big deal, if y'all are cool with it...or, do I need to try to load the 'new' editor again? er...I think I'll wait and receive feedback from y'all concerning this...which will be greatly appreciated, BTW...


Well, hope y'all are all OK... looks like summer has gotten folks out and about, thus a bit less blogging, as far as I can tell, anyway... hey, I'm off on vacation starting 6/18... to Gatlinburg - Smoky Mountains in Tennessee...pretty cool area.

...yep, time to head for the mountains, y'all! :-]

Which reminds me - I need to post up on the Independence trip...looks like it's a definite GO, y'all...so stay tuned for that, too...

In the meantime, tho...

KIG, y'all!!!


Lela McMath with young Virginia...how awesome is this pic?

...so, I was just wondering, what ELSE happened in nineteen-hundred and eleven? Well, I have rounded up a few facts of that year that is dear to all Gingerologists...here's what I got:

Also born in MCMXI (there are plenty of other ones, but these are the ones I know, for better or worse):
- Butterfly McQueen (Scarlett's 'Prissy' maid in GWTW) (1/7)

- Ronald Reagan (40th President of the U.S. - and co-starred w/ Ginger in "Storm Warning") (2/6)
- Jean Harlow (awesome actress who left us too soon) (3/3)
- L. Ron Hubbard (founder of Scientology) (3/13)
- Josef Mengele (Nazi war criminal)(3/16)
- Joseph Barbera (of Hanna-Barbera cartoon fame) (3/24)
- Jack Ruby (killed Lee Harvey Oswald) (3/25)
- Tennessee Williams (playwright - Streetcar named Desire, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof) (3/26)
- Robert Johnson (blues performer - 'Crossroads' fame) (5/8)

- Phil Silvers (actor - with Ginger in "Tom, Dick and Harry" and "Roxie Hart") (5/11)
- Maureen O'Sullivan (Irish actress perhaps best known as Tarzan's Jane) (5/17)
- 'Big Joe' Turner ('the Boss of the Blues') (5/18)
- Barbara West (second to last living survivor of the Titanic (died in 2007)) (5/24)
- Hubert Humphrey (Lyndon Johnson's Vice President and Senator) (5/27)
- Vincent Price (king of horror movies in the 50's and 60's) (5/27)
- 'Babe' Didrikson Zaharis - (U.S. athlete - she won two golds and one silver in track on the 1932 Olympics) (6/26)
- Mitch Miller (musician, bandleader, record producer) (7/4)
- LaVerne Andrews (one of the Andrews Sisters) (7/6)
- Hume Cronyn (actor - married to Jessica Tandy) (7/18)

- Lucille Ball (actress who practically invented the 'sitcom' - and starred w/Ginger in "Follow the Fleet", "Stage Door", and "Having Wonderful Time") (8/6)
- Ruth Hussey (actress - starred w/Ginger in "Tender Comrade") (10/30)
- Roy Rogers (American humorist, singer and actor) (11/5)

And now, as for the 'Big stories' from 1911:

- Marie Curie won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
- Machu Picchu (ancient Incan city in the Peruvian mountains) is 're-discovered'.

- The Mexican Revolution was cooking...
- International Women's Day was celebrated for the first time.
- The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in NYC occurred - 146 killed, with MAJOR violations of safety codes.
- The 'Mona Lisa' was stolen from the Louvre (I guess they got it back, eh?)
- Explorer Roald Amundsen reaches the South Pole - first one to do so.
- The first Indianapolis 500 was held, with Ray Harroun winning with an average speed of 74.59 MPH.

- The CTR (Computing-Tabulating-Recording) company was founded; in 1924 it would be renamed IBM.
- Niagara Falls freezes over.
- Italy declares war on the Ottoman Empire (Turkey).
- First public elevator goes into service in London.
- William Howard Taft was the U.S. president (the 27th).

- U.S. sales of gasoline surpassed kerosene for the first time.
- The Chevrolet Motor Car Company was incorporated.
- Standard Oil Company and American Tobacco Company are each found to be in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act.
- U.S. Population hits 94 million.
- The City of Las Vegas, Nevada is incorporated.

Tunes of 1911:

- "Alexander's Ragtime Band" (Irving Berlin's first major hit)
- "I Want a Girl (Just Like the Girl who Married Dear Old Dad)" by Dillon/Von Tilzer
- "On Moonlight Bay" by Madden/Wenrich

- "Oh, You Beautiful Doll" by Brown/Ayer
- "Roamin' in the Gloamin'" by Lauder
- "The Oceana Roll" by Lewis/Denni (mentioned because I have the sheet music to it...hopefully worth a bit...)
- "Any Little Girl, That's a Nice Little Girl, is the Right Little Girl for Me" performed by Billy Murray
- Turn Off Your Light, Mr. Moon Man" performed by Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth

Well, there's probably lots more stuff that went on this time a century ago, but as long as ya save that one date, that's probably all ya need to worry about, right? :-]

KIG, y'all...


...Nice to be back, Y'all!

...Ginger over the net is always a nice image!!!

Well, FIRST, everything in my town is well under the 'cleanout and recovery/rebuild' mode, which is good to see, but of course sad as well in that so many houses that were here are now...just vacant lots. Thanks again to all of y'all for keeping the area in thoughts and prayers...there's still quite a ways to go for folks here, and in many other places.

NOW, as for Gingerology...dang, it's been a while! Not sure what has been eating into my 'G-ology' time, but will definitely make up for it over the next few days...I've been thinking of quite a few topics and features to spring on y'all, so get ready...hope it will be fun for y'all!

As for 'blogger', well, heck...it's changed... think I know the issue - I 'updated' Internet Explorer, and it appears that the Blogger Post Editor does not 'support' it or whatever... so now I am on FireFox, which is recommended by the blogger gurus...heck, y'all may be all using that anyway... the 'preview' of this post looks ok, but will it be in the 'classic G-ology' style? We shall soon see... if not, well, I'll figure it out, I reckon...

OK, enough tech jibber-jabber... I came home one afternoon to see this pic on the table in an OLD People Magazine (I did the 'cropping' with 'Paint' in the most archaic way imaginable...I guess I need to get into Photoshop, eh?):

It was the 1995 'Tribute' section of their 'year-end' issue - sad, but I'm happy to have it - it was from my mom's stash of old mags - she used to subscribe to People - now she says "I don't KNOW any of the new people in People!" :-]
Anyway, it was interesting (and again, sad) to see all the other folks who died in 1995, including - Mickey Mantle, Elizabeth Montgomery (Bewitched), Howard Cosell (of Monday Night Football fame), Eva Gabor, Jerry Garcia (BTW, 'Cherry Garcia' is MY fave ice cream flavor! :-] ), Lana Turner, Burl Ives (Holly-Jolly Christmas), Wolfman Jack, and last but certainly not least, Ida Lupino.
Kinda neat to read what Mickey said about Ginger...kind of interesting they never teamed up on anything - that would have probably been a hoot!

Well, I'm just glad that I have been able to 'post' on here...not sure WHAT will happen with the movie reviews...speaking of which, guess we were at a pretty good 'stopping point' with Hat Check Girl...I will probably just shoot out the 'specs' for HCG, but of course, no review... and then on to the next one as usual.

OK - again, I am ready for more posting - there's lots of stuff and ideas rattling around in my noggin, so get ready, y'all...it IS GingerTennial, after all...