My Fellow Gingerologists, I give you...

...As most of you know, as Chief Gingerologist, I have had a tendency to test the limits of PayPal on occasion (BTW, a REAL 'Pal' wouldn't do that to my Visa card... :-[ ) regarding Gingerbilia on eBay (which is Pig Latin for 'BE' in 'This will BE the end of my savings account...oof).
Anyway...I have been sorting through my 'acquisitions' and ran across these photos, which are 14x11s (weird size, it seems)... honestly didn't remember I had them (the first step is to have a PROBLEM...albeit a nice one :-] ) (BTW, sorry for all the parentheses...) (it won't happen again...) (no, REALLY...)
After checking these out, they are AWESOME!!! The COOL thing about these, other than being in color, is they appear to be 'untouched', in that they are just the 'raw' photos - although most of them are movie promo pics... they are 'glossy', on good ol' Kodak paper... but Ginger just looks so cool in these, even without any 'touch-ups'...there's something about the 'real' look of some of these that is really nice, IMHO... Anyway, enough jibber-jabber... on with the pics! [Oh, P.S. - I will have a few comments below each...and note I used brackets here, NOT parentheses...]

...Perhaps my fave of the bunch... not really sure if this is in support of a movie, or just a 'general promo' deal... her hair does not really strike a memory of a correlating movie role, except for maybe 'Lucky Partners?' Honestly, tho, it really looks like she just came in off the street and spontaneously sat down for a photo shoot... and what a photo shoot, y'all! Her smile is just sheer perfection here (well, it ALWAYS is, but REALLY awesome here...) She is also rocking that 'basic' sun dress, too...and killer heels... and her hair is DEFINITELY early 40's, but not TOO 'poofed up'... just right, IMHO...yow yow YOW!!! ...ok, well, we better move on, cause I could be here on this one indefinitely, y'all...

One of the pics from the 'Lady in the Dark' promo sessions... Ginger in a tutu? That would be a BIG OL' yepyepyep from Huey! And again, such a great smile... I really don't remember anything like this in the 'Jenny' scene, however...guess I need to go watch it again (it doesn't take much of an excuse for me, y'all...) Her hair is cool in this one, just kinda 'up and out'...and the ribbon/feathers paraphanelia in it is also working well for a cool effect...and on a side note, given that Our Miss Ginger was a bit under 5'-5", that must be either a small horse or a large pony (where the threshold between the two are, who knows...) Oh, to be a small horse or a large pony for just a few moments in the time-space continuum... :-]

Not sure where this is - looks like a Greek Temple or something in the background...let's just assume that, as our Gingery goddess is observing something in the distance... could it be? YES! the prodigal Cabana Boy, returning from the local Baskin-Robbins...or whatever they had back then...with a couple of drums of Miss Rogers' fav flavor, er... well, whatever that may be (I still say it was Chocolate, y'all...) BTW, I LOVE the Green and Gold combo [my team's colors (UAB)] - and for facing the sun's glare, she is just SO fine... If I had to pick out ANYTHING here that would be not as 'perfect', her lipstick color might be just a bit too 'bright' or whatever... but I would eagerly help her remove it for another shade :-)

Not sure where this one is from, but just a pretty pic, for dang sure... hmmm...quite the bow or whatever on the hat and collar - not that I am a fashion guru, but this one must be from the early 40's as well. A few 'freckles' and 'lines' show up here, but I think it gives her that 'real' look, and honestly just that much more fetching to me... oh, and note that her 'beauty mark' is reversed, which means... that the picture is reversed. ...a REAL Gingerologist would catch that right off the bat.

This one is I THINK from 'Dreamboat', although not sure which scene... there were actually two pics of this 'series' included in the set, but this one was just a WEE bit better (the other one is awesome as well). Just a note here... if we ever did a 'best Ginger eyebrows' poll, Huey would vote for these... perfect. And the hair curls...dang those are cool! And another thing...could that be a 'Ginger Rogers rose' in her hair? It DOES appear to be similar, from the few pics I have seen of that rose variety...

OK... I KNOW that THIS pic is from 'Dreamboat'... and this AWESOME dress is documented in Ginger's bio as follows: "One day, Marilyn Monroe dropped by the set (of Dreamboat) for a visit. I was wearing a wonderful gold lame evening dress and Marilyn liked it. Moreover, she told the front office (of MGM) she wanted it. She got it and wore it in a brief scene in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." Ginger is made up a bit in this one, to emulate the 'silent era' actress, which had to go extra on makeup for whatever reason (maybe y'all could explain that one... I understand why extra makeup is needed for a stage play, but I think the transition to movies from stage was gradual in this respect... although it could be I don't have a bloody clue as to what I am rambling on about...) ANYWAY, Ginger rocks this dress quite nicely... not sure if this was the SAME dress Marilyn wore, but I'm pretty sure she rocked it as well... I dig the cape... Ginger in a cape... kinda redundant in a way, since we all know that Ginger has superpowers unbeknownst to most...
Well - hope you liked these as much as Huey!!! I will continue to plow through my 'stash' and hopefully find some more awesome Gingery goodness!

A programming note: TCM will be airing 'Top Hat' on Thursday, November 25, at 12:30 AM - yep, that's EARRRRLY Thanksgiving if you plan on having insomnia that night, it would be a very entertaining way to pass the time... otherwise,

...Y'all have a VERY Gingery Thanksgiving!!!